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DJ Michael Knight spinning at Comcast Holiday Masquerade Party "2018"

It was another entertaining, interesting and cold evening when I arrived at the EQC. Once I arrived I realized Comcast was having the party in the concert hall where the artist come. I was thinking to myself, this is going to be one big party. I was inform they were expecting 500 guest and some very important people. So as I sat for 15 minutes The AV person arrived and it was time for me to plug in. I couldn't wait to see how this would sound. It was just like I imagined, the big concert sound. I plugged in, tested and was ready for a good evening. Soon as I started playing some soulful jazz I had people coming up to me saying "They were ready to party". I was thinking to myself, people are just and still arriving. As the even went on, I started to change my tempo from soulful jazz to mainstream and r&b, man I could see the heads moving and the feet tapping. I knew I was in for a good evening. Soon as it was time to dance, we were off and running from start to finish. I played some of everything that evening and once it was over. People were not ready to go, but again it was time to pack it up. This was my second year spinning the party and as the year before, DJ Michael Knight had a great evening.

#OldSchoolMusic #Top40 #OpenFormat #Comcast #EQC #Masquerade #HolidayParty #Mainstream #HipHop #TacomaWashington #RB

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