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DJ Michael Knight spinning at Blackstar Bar & Grill 8/4/2018

Another nice evening at Blackstar Bar and grill. I'm always treated with kindness and love to spin here. This was another typical evening at Blackstar. Started off semi slow, but picked up and we were off and partying like always. The club was packed from front to back. People playing pool, outside chillin, on the dance floor, eating, drinking and having a good damn time. Looking forward to going back and having another good time spinning back at Blackstar!

#ParklandWashington #TacomaWashington #TacomaDJ #TacomaWeddingDJ #NightclubDJ #BarandGrillDJ #BlackstarBarandGrill #Mainstream #Top40 #HipHop #RB #OldSchoolMusic

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