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DJ Michael Knight 8/18/2018 50th Birthday Party.

This day was a HOT day and a great day to have a outside 50th Birthday Party. I arrived at the couples home about 2 hours before the event was to start. The food was catered and smelling good, The house and location was very nice and the party was well though of and put together. The birthday girl knew just what she wanted and it was just what she received. From the time i started playing music the guest were having dinner. They were shaking there heads, stomping there feet and enjoying the music.

After almost two hours and majority of the guest were done eating and I was still playing music. They just started to come on out and dance. It didn't stop either we dance till it was time for me to pack up and leave. They surely put me to work this evening and I was happy to make this a 50th birthday party to remember.

#SouthSeattle #SeattleDJ #50BirthdayParty #BirthdayParty #PrivateEvent #SeattleWashington

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