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DJ Michael Knight at The Parlor in Bellevue, Wa With DJ Polo 5/6/2017

First off I must admit. I hadn't played an open format club in quite sometime, but I was very excited to be able to play whatever I wanted. It was a change from the Hip Hop, R&B, Old School at other locations I play at. I could play 70's 80's 90's and then some. My range was wide open and I took full advantage of it too! I played with another great DJ, DJ Polo I hear play for years and loved his style of flow etc. When he invited me to play with, I was honored and took him up on the opportunity. The amount of time and work I put in to get the sets together. I started off with a mainstream and r&b set. It was pretty mellow and me and DJ Polo played hour long sets throughout the evening. When it was polo turn, he let it go! I'm listening and thinking to myself, How will I attack my next set after hearing what polo put down. I always like to play along side a DJ that makes me elevate my game and that I did. Since polo just finished a 100BPM 80's set. I came back with my 128BPM high power mixed set with pitbill, enur, kesha, and then some and both I and polo went back and fourth all night long. This was the most fun i've had in quite some time. I'm looking forward to being invited back and doing it all over again. Thank you DJ Polo for the opportunity and play alongside a great DJ.

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