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DJ Michael Knight at The Bleu Note 5/20/2017

Spinning at The Bleu Note in Lakewood, Wa is always classic fun. Always A Night for good 90's R&B, Hip Hop, Old School and then some. Having a good time with what I call the Grown and super sexy. The night started off with mellow tempo music for the steppers. Then I had the opportunity to meet the resident DJ, Dj Blend Master Mixx who is a good and humbled Dj with a great thing going at Bleu Note. Then a little later on one of the staff members were celebrating her birthday and she was happy DJ Michael Knight was playing that evening. She hear me play at Blackstar Bar And Grill a couple of times as well. As I expected the place started to pick and so did I. It was a great evening, the birthday party had a good time, No complaints and it ended with a bang. It was also great to be playing with my guy DJ Mikki Z.

#TheBleuNote #BlackstarBarandGrill #RB #HipHop #OldSchool #SteppingMusic #DJMichaelKnight #BirthdayParty #DJBlendMasterMixx #DJMikkiZ #DJ #OpeningDJ #FillInDJ #LakewoodWashington

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