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Patrick Urisno - Bosworth & Chris Bosworth - Ursino Wedding 11/14/2015 with DJ Michael Knight

It started off as a cold and rainy evening in Downtown Seattle at The court in the square. I arrived 2 hours early as I always do and ready to have a interesting evening. This was the first official gay wedding I've had the pleasure of being the Disc Jockey for. This is one of my favorite locations and if I was to get married, this would be the place. As always the staff was very helpful and assisting me with getting set up and ready for what I seem to be, an interesting evening. Patrick one of the grooms greeting me with a hello and a big smile. At that point I was good and ready for the evening. I'm set up and ready to go at this point and it was time for the ceremony. The ceremony went off great without a hitch. Now time for dinner and they wanted a 50's theme, so I created a 50's mixtape of greatest hits. The Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and countless others and it was smooth sailing. After about a hour it was time for the toast. I usually introduce the toast and everyone involved, but Patrick asked me for the mic and next thing I knew, they were off and running. If they were happy, I was happy. Next was the cake cutting and the celebration. When it comes to being a DJ, I try to be as humble and honest as I can because your paying me for a service and this is a special day, one for you to remember. The celebration everyone was dancing and having themselves a good time.

As you can see two different pictures and two different points and times of the evening. You can tell from the light reflection from my booth. One picture is clear white and one picture is a little red. So the evening goes on and again it seem to me without a hitch. So we come to the end of the evening and i'm breaking down to leave. I was also referred to do this wedding by a couple that I've done there daughters wedding and three more couples they knew and referred me to. Also at the end of the night the couple came up to me and said, "Great job as always and we always have a good time with you and that's why we keep referring you". You couldn't ask for better ending.

#CourtInTheSquare #TheRatPack #FrankSinatra #DeanMartin #SammyDavisJr #GayWedding #Wedding #Seattle #Washington #DJMichaelKnight #SeattleWashington

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