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Mr and Mrs Nick and Tina McLean Wedding 8/23/2015 with DJ Michael Knight

A Seattle DJ Tacoma DJ Wedding DJ Corporate Event DJ Nightclub DJ Thoughts

Mr and Mrs Nick and Tina McLean Wedding Reception held at Pickering Barn, Issaquah, Washington. Now this wedding really suprised me a great deal. The reception was held on a Sunday and was day wedding. In the beggining me and the cook got little nervous becasue no one was showwing up at our expected time, but we all know, that's the way marjority of weddings go. The reception was suppose to start at 4:00pm. 4:10 no guest, 4:20 no guest, 4:30 no guest so we both started scratching our heads, but about 4:45 the guest started showing up and I mean in bunches. The bride and groom came in about 5:00pm and off for the Introductions of the bride and groom. Went off without a hitch then dinner and some light music. Everything going as planned. Then the toast, first dances etc everything was alright. Then came a part of the wedding I never done before, it was called "The Shoelywed Game" where I ask the bride and groom questions about themselves. The bride and groom have one of each other shoes and would raise the shoes that best fits the answer of the question. So here goes question 1, question 2, question3, then by question 7 everyone was warmed up laughing and cracking jokes. The game with over like a charm and without a hitch. I was proud of myself and even after the reception was over, I was told that I did a good job during the game and I did inform the people, it was my first time and the responce was, we honestly could not tell, you did great. Then came dancing I figured it would start off a little slow cause if the beaming sun coming through and it did, but once it began to get a little darker and I started playing 90's hip hop and some disco, we had a party and it went non stop till the bride and groom left. I have to say I was proud of myself and as always I wish Nick and Tina nothing but the best.

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