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Whew! I've noticed that some of my DJ peoples had a rough time this evening (Customers not liking the music, the music rotation, complaining about not playing request etc) and I must say, One the DJ will not make everyone happy (no matter who you are) and you do not know what management wants to DJ to play. A lot goes on behind the scenes you don't know about and the DJ is just doing what he/she is informed to do. Two on any giving night at any giving event you have anywhere between 21 and 50 to 60 year old party goers in the crowd. That's a lot of genre of music to cover for everyone (think about it).

This next one is from the heart and I've seen it happen to fellow DJ's myself, just keeping it 100%. Three if you don't make your promoter or management team happy playing at their event (Playing what they think people would like or not playing enough of what they like) you won't be back to DJ any of their upcoming events and maybe that works best for you, but my thing is and I've had this discussion before, what makes any promoter or management team think the majority of the people aren't pleased? You always get someone complaining about something, it never fails. Keep this in mind if your DJ can get majority of the crowd 80% to 90% to stay, drink and dance, he/she isn't the problem and their doing just what they suppose to do.

Also any good or very good DJ can read a crowd, manipulate good music and anticipate getting everyone involved so everyone can enjoy themselves and feel good that they came. So with that in mind you may hear some Old School, 90's, Top 40 & Hip Hop. Something to cover all age groups. If you want me to play Twerk music all night, invite a twerk music type of crowd. I'm in my 40's and I know I don't want to hear that all night especially if the party is suppose to be for 30 and above, but some would get mixed in during the rotation. That I would expect. I honestly think if everyone could get on the same page and know exactly what a DJ does, he/she's purpose and the concept of a DJ, we would all be better off.

I'm glad that I DJ for and with people, locations and companies that appreciate just what I do. You all can have and deal with that other mess and some people may say since your a DJ aren't you making things worse for yourself. Honestly "NO" cause if you can't except constructive criticism, feedback, honestly and me keeping it 100% about what I do, I can do without and good luck to the rest of them. Remember no one will learn unless someone can give them some insight on what to look for.

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