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What Does A DJ Cost Price Vs Value

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The price of a DJ is often the #1 focus of many brides and grooms when thinking about who to select for their entertainment. Let’s face it, in this economy, price is usually a very important factor in the decision to buy anything. When it comes to entertainment, I often focus on value vs. price. Why are some DJs so much more money than others? Why are some DJs so incredibly cheap? What do they offer that is not offered somewhere else?

The most important aspect to making a decision based on finances is, to me, value vs. price. If a DJ company is offering an extremely low flat fee for weddings and as you price around you see that most of the other companies are within a much higher range, take a moment to think about what that cheaply priced company is offering. Are they offering an entertainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry? Are they offering someone responsible, reliable and consistent? Do they offer the same services, the same quality equipment and the same enhancements? Is cocktail hour included? Lighting? Do they take pride in what their DJ set up looks like?

This is why simply stating that their DJs cost a flat fee doesn’t tell the whole story. Or.. it does. It could be that they simply can’t offer the experience, knowledge and quality of the other companies so they come in at the cheapest price. When you call 5 entertainment companies, chances are you will get a variance in cost and services provided. Simply matching prices doesn’t measure apples to apples. One DJ company might offer a 4 Hour entertainment package that doesn’t include ceremony or cocktail hour. They might charge for each of these individual services and once they quote that low price, you tack on the services you are looking for and the price becomes strikingly familiar again.

Value vs. Price: I bring this up again because if I asked you “what does your DJ cost”, you will have a clear and concise answer for me. If I was to ask you “what was the value of the price you paid for what the DJ provided to you throughout your planning process and on the day of your wedding” I would get a much more thought out response. I am not suggesting that because a DJ charges more, he cares more or has more of a vested interest in the overall success of your event, but I am saying the ones who don’t come in “the cheapest” usually are more experienced, more prepared, have much higher quality equipment and offer a product that the cheaper DJ can’t match.

In the industry there are many seminars and workshops that provide guidance and thought into the pricing structure of a company. “What are you worth?” is a question that is often asked. We all want to believe we are “worth” a lot of money. The fact is, we are worth what we are confident enough charging, while meeting and often exceeding the Bride and Groom’s expectations of what a DJ is supposed to provide. If you feel you are worth a certain price and you are able to convey to the Bride and Groom why that is, then you are “worth” the price you charge.

There is a lot of thought that goes into our pricing structure. We do not offer simple flat rate pricing for this reason.

Everything we do is focused on a personal, customized approach and if we were to offer flat fees for our services without finding out what YOU the Bride and Groom are looking for, we would be offering something exactly the opposite of personal. Customizing a package to fit your specific needs is important. Learning about you, from the moment you make contact with us is what provides a clear and comfortable path to the wedding day. Finding out what you want and more importantly what you don’t want is vital in the overall success of your entertainment. If I don’t take the time to listen, how will I know what I would actually be willing to do that event for?

The price that you pay is simply a number. The value you receive is much less tangible but in my opinion, far more important. At the end of the day if you feel your value far exceeded the price that you paid, then you paid the right price for your entertainment. If you ever feel that you are not getting the customer service you expect, the personal and customized experience you are hoping for, then the price you are paying fails to matter. Think about the price of a DJ as value, rather than a dollar sign and I can promise you that you will make the right decision when choosing entertainment for your big day.

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