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Why not hire a cheap DJ

A Seattle DJ Tacoma DJ Wedding DJ Corporate Event DJ Nightclub DJ Thoughts

Hiring a DJ is not a easy thing to do but the worst mistake you can make is hiring one based one price. Here are my top 10 reasons NOT to hire a cheap DJ.


If your event is important to you such as a wedding or company party you’re going to want someone who knows how things go usually a cheap DJ will not.

Not a wide selection of music

The more experience you have as a DJ the more music you will acquire after having done many different events I have acquired music request from different musical genres Country Western, Middle Eastern, Big Band and others are all types of music I never thought I would play but I have used over the years

Bad equipment

A cheap DJ probably will not have the financial means to invest in the latest equipment the newest equipment for the most technically advanced equipment everything have backup in case something happens at an event but it probably will not carry any backup equipment and probably will have his equipment bail on him or her sooner or later

Unfamiliar with venues

There are many venues in the Puget Sound area that have certain restrictions about dj if whether it’s how to load in what time you can load in or how loud the music to me DJ who is never played in these venues will have a hard time understanding why and what the venues want

Unfamiliar with etiquette

There are times during a wedding planning process a bride and groom may need help with specifics. For instance…

What side do the bride’s parents sit on? Or suggestions of a song to play for the first dance? inexperienced cheap DJ cannot provide this but somebody who has done many events will be able to tell clients what they’ve experienced in the past

Not trustworthy

Cheap DJ happens to book another event on the same day as your event for my money it may be hard to dissuade them from taking that event I’ve seen many people as in the past I’ve helped out many couples in the past but had to DJ bail on him in the last minute and its not fun for them

No references

Cheap DJ probably hasn’t been around long and they probably have not builded a group of references therefore it would be hard or else they would be making more money and charging more for their events the first question I get asked besides what is the price is do you have references? I usually answer this with yes and I go to a folder with 10 to 20 references in it pass it along

Play inappropriate music

Petite b_j probably will play music mini has in his her folder because I haven’t filled up repertoire righty of music therefore sometimes during the evening there liable to play song center inappropriate weather channel wedding with a play songs that are about to break up or weather 17 a vet with a play music that is explicit any bad taste

May not dress appropriatelyEvery b_j’s address for the occasion was it a wedding in a tuxedo or the school dance and fashionable close my rule of thumb in my dress according to the venue the crowd any occasion on my planning list I have a question how would you like to be treated dress? And over there petite d_j me nothing

A Seattle DJ Tacoma DJ Wedding DJ Corporate Event DJ Nightclub DJ Thoughts

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